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Challenge Automation designed a line to process specific features on our customer's extruded aluminum housing.  This particular line processed a variety of widths and lengths of product and conducted a total of four processes: cut to length, punch the top of the extrusion with a single or double rows of holes, punch the side walls for a specific cutout, and punch side walls for a notch.  Extrusion could be manually loaded and an intelligent actuated centering device automatically adjusted the part based on its size and transferred it down the line.  The part was then transported by a powered roller conveyor to the saw where it was trimmed ans squared.  A chip accumulator was installed to collect the aluminum shavings and chips from the saw.  For material handling, an inline intelligent actuator was utilized to transfer the extrusion through the saw and hole punch stations.  Challenge designed and manufactured the hole punch tooling, die sets, and presses, which were hydraulically actuated.  We programmed a PLC system and HMI to communicate with the plant database.  Challenge also incorporated full perimeter guarding for operator safety.

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