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Challenge Automation recently worked with a customer on a project to automatically pick and place a spare tire into the trunk of a car.   Challenge designed and built a new spare tire presentation/selection system, as well as integrated a robot into their existing conveyor system.  The new system presents one tire at a time to the tire presentation rack detecting the size of the tire and accurately locating the tire for the robot to receive it.   The system includes guides to assist the existing automated guided vehicles (AGV) that deliver the tires to the rack.  Sensors and interface hardware were also provided to handshake with the AGV to properly control the sequence of operation.  A wrong spare tire rack was designed and built to provide the robot a place to off load a tire when a wrong size is detected.  Once sensors detect the correct tire is in place, the robot, with custom end of arm tooling manufactured by Challenge, picks up the tire and safely places it in the trunk of the designated car. New safety guarding/fencing was also included along with turnkey installation.

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